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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions and changes to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what has changed, please look here first.

  • 2015/02/08
    • Posted OPOS Release 1.14.001 and 1.13.003 CCOs to the OPOS CCO Current Version page.
      Advisory: Releases 1.14.001 and 1.13.003 corrected a memory leak issue and a potential buffer overrun issue.  Therefore, we recommend that users upgrade to one of these releases.
    • Posted OPOS Assemblies for .NET 1.14.001 and NET 1.13.003 on the OPOS and Microsoft .NET page.
    • Posted Release 1.14.1 of the UnifiedPOS specification to the UnifiedPOS page.
  • 2010/06/25
  • 2010/03/01
    • Uploaded OPOS Release 1.13.001 and 1.12.001 CCOs, for testing by select users.
  • 2003/07/08
    • Posted the UnifiedPOS Release 1.8 Release Candidate to the UnifiedPOS page.
  • 2003/06/19
    • Minor page updates due to web hosting change, especially to downloadable files (from "ftp:..." to "http:...").
  • 2003/05/29
  • 2001/07/20
  • 2001/07/19
    • Posted Release 1.6 of the UnifiedPOS, OPOS, and JavaPOS specifications.
    • Updated the Standards Work-In-Progress page with Release 1.7 topic proposals.
  • 2001/07/07
  • 2001/06/23
  • 2001/01/23
    • Updated the OPOS Releases page with an updated OPOS 1.5 ZIP file. It corrects a bug in the OposPpad.hi header file.
  • 2001/01/03
    • UnifiedPOS released version 1.5 on 2000/09/24. This set of web site updates reflect this release, including the following...
    • Updated the OPOS pages.
      • Posted the final OPOS Release 1.5 documentation.
      • Posted a release of the OPOS CCOs for this release.
    • Added information about JavaPOS and UnifiedPOS, accessible from the new POS Standards page.
  • 1999/12/07
    • Initial web published.
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