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Historical Background

JavaPOS was initiated by Sun, IBM, and NCR to help integrate POS hardware into applications for the Java language. JavaPOS is operating system independent.

The first JavaPOS technical meeting was convened in April, 1997. The first release, 1.4, was made in March, 1999, and is tracks closely with OPOS 1.4 (released in October, 1998). The 1.6 release was in July, 2001.  Beginning with release 1.7, the JavaPOS committee no longer releases an implementation-specific document. The UnifiedPOS document has added implementation information into an appendix.

Significant Dates and Releases

1997/04 Initial concept meeting.  
1997/04 First technical meeting.  
1998/01 Public demonstrations at NRF.  
1998/03 JavaPOS 1.2 First release of JavaPOS.
1999/11 JavaPOS 1.3
  • New device categories: Bump Bar, Fiscal Printer, PIN Pad, Remote Order Display.
  • Significant enhancements: Scale.
  • All: Added support for power reporting.
1999/03 JavaPOS 1.4
  • New device category: CAT (Credit Authorization Terminal).
2000/09 JavaPOS 1.5
  • New device categories: Point Card Reader/Writer, POS Power.
  • Significant enhancements: POS Printer, Cash Changer.
2001/07 JavaPOS 1.6
  • Enhancements: Fiscal Printer, Line Display.
    Beginning with the 1.7 release, only the UnifiedPOS document is released. Separate OPOS and JavaPOS documents are no longer maintained. See the UnifiedPOS page.

Downloadable Files and Additional Information

Some of the older JavaPOS documentation releases are available by clicking on the links above.

For further details, see:

  • The official JavaPOS site: here. It is hosted by Sun.
  • The web sites of participating JavaPOS vendors.
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