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Professional Background

Senior Software and Systems Engineering Lead with more than 25 years of excellence in system and component architecture, design, and programming. Strong skills in a broad range of software technologies, with project application from definition through implementation. Solid leadership and communication skills.

Operating Systems.
Project experience with the Windows family of operating systems, plus several legacy operating systems.

Programming Languages.
Extensive project experience with C++, C, and C#, plus additional projects in Java, Visual Basic, and Assembly.

Special Skills.
Windows software, including COM and .NET development.  Retail Industry device standards.  Multithreaded system software.  Teamwork, leadership, and mentoring.  Verbal and written communications.

Experience and Accomplishments

Industry Standards Committees

1998 - 2010 UnifiedPOS™ Standards Committee

Technical lead for NCR and RCS on industry consortium formed by the major participants in the OPOS and JavaPOS committees.  This committee is a retailer-led umbrella organization to ensure that a consistent architecture and device specifications continue within these committees.  Continue to monitor committee's work, but not actively participating.

The UnifiedPOS page may be reached from here, and the MCS UnifiedPOS page is here.

1996 - 2010 JavaPOS™ Standards Committee

Technical lead for NCR (from the initial JavaPOS technical meeting) and RCS on industry consortium formed by Sun/Javasoft, NCR, IBM, JCPenneys, Home Depot, Sears, and others to define Point-Of-Sale peripheral interfaces for the Java language. Wrote the committee's architectural documentation and frequently led the meeting discussion, driving a 1Q'98 initial release. Lead committee presenter at major industry trade shows.

The JavaPOS home page is here, and the MCS JavaPOS page is here.

1995 - 2010 OLE for Retail POS (OPOS™) Standards Committee

Technical lead for NCR (from the initial OPOS technical meeting) and RCS on this industry consortium that defined the retail industry's de-facto standard for accessing Point-Of-Sale peripherals from Microsoft Win32™ applications, using ActiveX / OLE Controls. The other original companies are Microsoft, Epson, and Fujitsu/ICL. Personally wrote the committee's documentation (releases 1.0 - 1.3).

The Microsoft Retail Industry home page is here, and the MCS OPOS page is here.

Technical Contributions

2010 - ...  NCR Specialty POS (formerly Advanced Store Development)

Contribute to NCR SpecialtyPOS Professional Services projects, plus occasional work on R&D projects.

2008 - 2010  NCR Advanced Store Development

Continue work with (former RCS, now NCR) developers on NCR Advanced Store R&D projects, plus occasional Professional Services projects.

1998 - 2008 RCS Platform and Application Development

Work with teams of developers to:

  • Contribute to internal projects expanding RCS' core technology infrastructure.  Includes integration of OPOS support into RCS' SDK, plus graphical and communications library support.
  • Develop and customize a point-of-service application for a major RCS customer.

1997 - 1998 NCR Advanced Development

Investigate various terminal and system architectures, for incorporation into NCR's strategic offerings.

1995 - 1996 NCR OLE for Retail POS (OPOS)

Designed and developed NCR's OPOS Printer software, including support for four retail printers plus Cash Drawer and MICR. Included three OLE Controls plus an OLE automation server. Written in Microsoft Visual C++, encompassing 60 modules totaling more than 20,000 lines of code, with 70+ classes and up to 14 threads.

1991 - 1994 NCR 7450 Point-Of-Sale Terminal

Designed and implemented several significant modules for the 7450, a PC-compatible retail terminal.
Represented the NCR-Atlanta facility as Technical Program Manager of the 7450 / Sixth Generation Retail System in Japan. Established a positive working relationship with my counterparts in Tokyo and Oiso, Japan. Resolved several "show-stopper" issues through negotiation plus software design and development, including the delivery of multi-tasking support and the Kanji character set. Participated in the successful, on-time installation and initial store opening.

1988 - 1990 Retail OS/2 Investigation and Development

Directed an advanced development prototype team of 7 engineers from 3 different organizations, including the NCR facility in Oiso, Japan. Successfully demonstrated the feasibility of a sophisticated retail application using the OS/2 operating system.
Developed the software platform architecture for the Retail OS/2 product on the 7052 Retail Terminal. Led and/or participated in the team of up to 12 software engineers.

1985 - 1988 7052 Point-Of-Sale Terminal

Formulated much of the software platform architecture for the 7052 Retail Terminal. The 7052 was the first PC-compatible retail terminal, and became the highest volume POS terminal in NCR history. Designed and programmed several major modules, including the application-to-device driver interfaces for access to all retail peripherals (TAPS) and a graphical, window-based CRT management subsystem (VCO). Led teams of up to 6 software engineers.

Pre 1984  A Long Time Ago...

Too long ago to be relevant.  Home-grown multi-tasking kernels.  8-bit microprocessors.  CP/M (on huge 5MB Winchester disks :)

Personal Background

(Short for privacy reasons, not significance)

Married, happily, once, for life (by choice and commitment).

Father to three children, each very different yet wonderful.

Grandfather to four grandchildren.

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